Obama’s healthcare plan good for us or not what is your thoughts

The new health care plan enacted by congress and President Obama is a conflicting topic . Personally I do not care for it since they are robbing Medicare and cutting military healthcare to fund this program. Whatever happened to conventional health care where you get a policy you can afford or through work. I know some cannot afford insurance but there are programs available. Just because you do not want to pay or go with a government program is your problem. Why put other people’s health care at risk due to greed and laziness? I pay for my insurance do I like to pay for it no! However it is my responsibility as I can afford a simple policy. My co-pays are high and many drugs are not covered but I deal with it and do not cry congress pay for my health care because I am cheap and lazy or even worse do not care. You want better health care work towards a better career or employment opportunity. They are there but you need to find them and fight for the job or career you want. It is time for the BLAME GAME to stop and be responsible. The international community thinks America is nothing but crybabies and losers, wonder why. I want to hear from you come on tell me your story.

Socrates says

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