Pork Spending Hog Calling Anyone?

Americans are facing cuts in health care and education. The military will be eating cat or dog food soon under the current congress and president. However we have money to study why lesbians are fatter than Homosexual men. I do not see the need for this study. There are the known factors for obesity and they are the same for homosexual people as they are for all Americans. You eat to much, to lazy to exercise or one of the unfortunate with a health condition causing unusual weight gain. What ever the reason this money could and should be spent to help children not homosexuals who want to waste our taxes. If you are a homosexual and want to solve your weight problem get Logo to have the Biggest Loser Homosexual version. You can do like most people who lose weight by eating less and exercise as another option.

Socrates says

Town Hall source copy and paste into browser; http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2013/03/12/your-money-at-work-why-are-gay-women-overweight-n1531580

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