The Two Party System of Racism

Hello Americans:
It is Sunday and time for a new blog, this one will stoke some flames for sure. Why are the Democrats rattling sabers about racism, the Republicans also but to a lesser degree. Might it have something to do with “Black Conservatives” A.K.A. “Uncle Toms” as some blacks call their cultural kin. The political parties have worked for years to separate Americans do not let them with their MEDIA FRIENDS continue their divide and conquer bullshit! We are the People how many times must this be said before people wake up to the propaganda the media sources flood us with daily. On Chris Matthew’s show there is a debate about black conservatives started by who, Chris and his Democrat friends which have several facts mixed up. They believe the K.K.K. is a Republican creation,wrong it was started in the South after the civil war by the Democrats. They were angry they lost their slaves, fast forward fifty years and they figure it is cheaper for them to let the government control us in the workforce. This has shifted back and forth for a hundred years and we again are slaves to the government and corporate America. Their comments allege states given to right to govern themselves more would lead to more racism and mistreatment of minorities. They are not going to change, we must change and force them to do our bidding. This requires Americans to unite against the career politicians and demand term limits. Start writing your senator and house members now! Once a week till they change, use the same letter, give copies to friends to send. Make them understand we want change now and are tired of business as usual. Watch the videos of the week to learn about racism or divide and conquer which version do you believe. At the end of the Chris Mattews’s video they PROFILE WHITE STRAIGHT MALES as being xenophobic or in simple terms hating change. Who is the racist now Mr. Mattews. Check the links good stuff this week’s blog

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