Supreme Court Will They Do the Right Action

Hello Americans, another day of minority rule is upon us. Why do we have elections to elect representatives and ratify admendments? Two women from California are fighting what 61% of the voters wanted, what happened to majority rule. We have gone from the wants of the many are taking the backseat to minoity radicals. What happened to seperation of church and state, the state does not want religion making government policy. What right does the government have to change religious traditions of marriage which existed before this country. Marriage is a religious ceremony performed under the blessings of GOD! Homosexualality is an abomination in his eyes worthy of a direct trip to hell. Why are the Americans putting up with their rights being bullied away by the minority of the two lesbians. They can have their civil unions but do not call it marriage you are not deserving of marriage. It is an union between a man and women under GOD! Go munch the carpet, pack some fudge, I for one am tired of these mentallly ill people pushing their depravities on me. I know fourteen homosexuals of which thirteen are on psychotropic medications and the other has to take strong sleeping pills. If it is not an illness why the need for these medications. I do not push my beliefs upon others and I am done listening to the whining and crying minority factions getting their way. Write the letters to your representatives to start the change Obama promised of giving America back to THE PEOPLE start the changes before election day. Time for America to be American not socialist or communist states where the majority have no voice. Start talking and talk over the minority morons who have equal rights to work, housing, and education. If you actually look at the factions of minorities blaming single white men for all their problems, who is in the minority? One more thing the one Justice has a conflict of interest with a gay sister, his opinion will be biased and he should have no say in this matter.

Socrates says

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