America is not the Greatest Country Any More

Hello Americans:

On HBO’s show the newsroom actor Jeff Daniels said it all on Saturday night’s episode. “WE ARE NOT THE GREATEST COUNTRY” and why is that you may ask. We no longer fight poverty, we wage war on the poor, no longer aspire to cure disease just make medications to treat the systems. Instead of doing what is right we worry about ourselves having more than our neighbors when we should be helping them at times. Joe lost his job and cannot feed his kids, I buy a new car instead of buying Joe food for his kids. Sound like you, be honest about your greed we blame Washington all the time but never look in the mirror. I was raised in rural 1960’s America where neighbors helped each other. We had to with  winter blocking us in for days to weeks at a time. People being on strike fighting for benefits in the workplace. Today it is I have mine you get your own or go on welfare so I can belittle you Joe. What has happened to compassion, pride, and being a good neighbor by helping out the old lady next door by shoveling the snow off her sidewalk. We have turned into the selfish bastards in Washington we despise. So my challenge or plea to you is help someone once a week doing a little job or buy them a bag of food if it is what they need. The next month it may be you need a helping hand. I do help neighbors out and some do the same in return but I am in the rare minority of our society. It is called being a good Samaritan, friend, or neighbor whatever you call it you should do it for us to be great at one thing again. That is what many will ask, it is being a human being with compassion, heart, and pride in yourself. This will result in a chain reaction where everyone strives for greatness instead of greed. Those who remain greedy will pay the price by being cast aside for real true blue American friends. Below is an example of stupid greed by a group that just needs to diet and exercise.

Thank you , John

Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.  Carol Burnett

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