Think about This America

Our Almighty great leader, no not God for you that live outside of OBAMA land, Barrack Hussien Obama has signed all power over to himself in the event of war or emergency. Does this North Korea show make for him a chance to finally achieve his dream of King of the United States. Make no mistakes this president was elected after 2 years in the senate. Before that he was with groups like A.C.O.R.N., that was busted on so many counts of fraud concerning voters and elections most cannot count that high. He is in no way prepared to be President even after 4 years of trying to be or should I say playing president. This man is dangerous being conceited, inexperienced, and a socialist in mind and body. He has done enough damage already to make this country collapse with 3 years to go. He now is going to play like he is on the playground with an incompetent communist leader in North Korea. These are dangerous times for us and the world with two idiots on the trigger of nuclear weapons.  If you believe in GOD now is the time to pray and ask for salvation. I would like to see responses to my posts so please speak your mind after checking the links below.

The scariest moment is always just before you start.  Stephen King

Thank you, John, an American

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