Oops, I Stated a Fact that is Contrary to Liberal Policy

Hello Americans,

Fearless leader does it again, what is it he has done? He is alienating Blacks by using racism along with the other liberal groups (Democrats and Media News) whenever someone disagrees with the policy of theirs. Cutting money for cancer patients on Medicare is right , complain you are a racist. Do not believe me ask a liberal, whites on food stamps more than ever before is also a race card for them.    How is stating facts of results of liberal policy a race issue? Any liberals out please explain this to me as I NEED to know. Ms. Barkin when did the President become the owner of America’s population? Oops that is racism sorry I forgot Obama is King and taking care of his lower class citizens while he parties with his Banker and Hollywood friends. Oops I was racist again this is tough to say anything that is wrong in America and not be a Racist. Watch the video and make your own decisions about liberals and using the race card.

Write the letters people, John

My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.    Anais Nin


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