Why are are Elected Officials Worried about other Countries More than the United States

Hello Americans,

You guessed it, the politicians in Florida are fighting for Cuba to have rights with the U. S. as this is a surprise.  Obama took the majority of the Latin vote so now it is time to play the Latin card for elections. What comes next Mexico becomes part of the United States so the Democrats can have more control over poor people and dupe them. We will take care of you with food stamps and give you money for college. Meanwhile Americans are suffering due to Obama care, Military got their college funding cut along with healthcare cuts. The federal union workers suffered no cuts because of the sequester. The sequester is due to Obama care costs and they are raiding Medicare also to pay for it. Hold on though we have to help Cuba a communist country that abuses its citizens almost as bad as Saddam Hussien did. Why, so it is easier for Democrats to get elected in the south where the Latin population is high. I have a better idea get rid of the party labels and the straight ticket button in voter’s booths. Make people know who they are voting for when they push the button or tap the screen. This party division of America is going to be our end with politicians courting foreign countries to get votes from people in the states legal or not. There are illegal aliens voting for those who have been asleep for the last 4-5 elections. That is why politicians are crying foul about I.D. for voting on election day. I see no problem proving you are an American to vote, you have to supply I.D. to do anything else related to governments. Try to get into a courthouse, federal building, or get welfare without at least a state I.D. you will be laughed at for trying. But hey, by all means vote even without a voter registration card in most states. It’s long past due to have term limits and kick out the career politicians. They want to help Cuba and Mexico well move there and do it and leave our country belonging to THE PEOPLE!

John a fellow American


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