Do You Think “Miss Harris-Perry Having Her Way Updated” Raising Our Children

Hello Americans:

Did you see the lady on M.S.NBC claiming children belong to everyone A.K.A. a collective. Okay Ms. Melissa Harris-Perry you want children,  quit having abortions.  That is right I said it, quit promoting abortions and have your own child or adopt. What gives you the right to say how I raise my children? You speak of public education that is why many children have problems in today’s society. Teachers tell children they can be whatever they want to become. Explain to me how a person with an I. Q. of 100 can become a scientist. They cannot you simple minded left wing BIMBO, children are not being educated by schools anymore. The agenda of public education is indoctrination into the socialist mindset. They are not taught to think freely or learn critical thought to challenge other’s views.  In academia today, it is all about Democratic philosophies not learning. That is why I spend several hours a week educating my grandson about how to think. However people like you want to turn our children into something similar to Hitler’s youth brigades. Whatever happened to teaching the skills to succeed instead of following a failed doctrine. Look at Russia and Eastern Europe socialism worked well for them right. The our way is right and everyone who thinks otherwise is either a bigot or idiot attitude has to stop. If anyone is an idiot it is you Ms. Melissa Harris-Perry for thinking people will let you and your associates brainwash their children. I hate this left wing and right wing bullshit in America. Why do we not just use common sense and teach children how to think independently and have a belief system that shows right from wrong. If you read this post send Ms. Harris-Perry a letter telling her your thoughts after watching the video. I will find a contact address for her in time so be patient until I do.

Update April 13, 2013 yet another instance of a teenage girl gang raped while unable to defend herself. This lady wants to let others have a say in your child’s upbringing. I do not think so, Ms Harris-Perry these incidents are happening at parties set up at your part of your collective, public schools. I would say this is a failure on public education’s part of your grand scheme of social child rearing. When I taught these activities did not occur. Why is the question, the teachers actually cared about the students not money or agendas other than education.  In light of these atrocities I will not let any one else teach my grandchildren morals except their parents and myself. Especially you Ms. Harris-Perry with your Ivy League education which put you out of touch with humanity the same as President Obama. I sent you a letter asking you to debate me on this however you are in hiding avoiding all challenging your asinine stupidity spewed out on MSNBC recently. I will take you on live with your sick colleagues at MSNBC whenever you have the courage to stand up for your insane idea you know better. Parents do not have the rights to their children well explain why abortion is legal then since it is the mother’s choice. She has no right to say what the child is to become according to your philosophy, therefore no right to kill the child. I AM WAITING BITCH NOT HIDING LIKE YOU! Let us have a civilized chat as much as your liberal badgering attitude will allow, and yes this is a personal attack on you dumb f^#%*#@  cu#$ … Anytime…Anyplace…BIMBO!

John a Fellow American        Here is Ms Harris-Perry’s site

contact info for

We need to take our country back from these people before it is too late!

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