Augusta lets Women Join, Oops They are Racists

Hello Americans:

          Augusta National Golf Club let Ms. Rice become a member, I find this a good thing. The southern gentlemen are progressing allowing female members.  This wrong according to liberals for various reasons, mainly another black going against what black are supposed to do. What is that you may wonder, why be a good black and support black only clubs.  She has crossed a barrier no different than Obama, Rosa Parks, and Jackie Robinson. All these people were firsts, Obama first black President, Rosa first black to sit in the front of the bus, and Jackie first to play with the whites in baseball’s major league. Why are they not being called a traitor as Ms. Rice is for becoming a member of a prestigious Golf club. Maybe because she is a republican A.K.A. racist or bigot. If you do not like that she got something B.H. Obama will never get so what. everyone criticized Augusta for the men only rule and they change (progress) it is a political issue for the liberal media. Condaleeza wear your green jacket with pride and tell the Uncle Tom puppet in the Whitehouse “sucks to be you” my statement liberal media. Would they be boo hooing if it was a hispanic that got in? After all they want to let eleven million become citizens that will vote democrat. The truth is Obama is pushing the black community back to the party of Abraham Lincoln where they will be better off.

One more note why do liberals plaster childrens’ photos on all causes except abortion. They claim to want better education, jobs, and entitlements to help them. So why are they killed in abortions that far out pace deaths by all guns. I want an answer to this one from a liberal if he has the brains to explain this mindset?

John your loyal fellow American

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