Attention: N.R.A. T- Shirts are Illegal to Wear in Public

Hello Americans,

An American middle school student wore his NRA T-Shirt to school one day. His teacher disagreed with the fact it was his First Amendment right to wear his shirt. The clothing was not against the school’s dress code or any other code. He was removed from school by the police and charged with two crimes. What laws forbid the wearing of a NRA shirt. It is freedom of speech if this offends you , what about Jay-Z’s lyrics of violence and hoes‘. Okay it is okay because Obama likes him and had him perform at his party while everyone else enjoys the sequester cuts. This government is done that is right it is done, there is no coming back from the mental illness in Washington D.C. , Who is going to want in the Presidential office other than a psychopath after Obama. Remember no NRA t-shirts in public kiddies or go directly to jail. I am racking my brain on what laws were broken. What did you say Obama will think one up? I am sure he will after they lost the gun fight in the senate, at least they are not all insane.  I am done with this post because this is just too stupid even for liberals.

John a fellow American

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