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Attention: N.R.A. T- Shirts are Illegal to Wear in Public

Hello Americans, An American middle school student wore his NRA T-Shirt to school one day. His teacher disagreed with the fact it was his First Amendment right to wear his shirt. The clothing was not against the school’s dress code or

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Why are are Elected Officials Worried about other Countries More than the United States

Hello Americans, You guessed it, the politicians in Florida are fighting for Cuba to have rights with the U. S. as this is a surprise.  Obama took the majority of the Latin vote so now it is time to play the

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Think about This America

Our Almighty great leader, no not God for you that live outside of OBAMA land, Barrack Hussien Obama has signed all power over to himself in the event of war or emergency. Does this North Korea show make for him a

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Where Have All The Americans Gone?

Hello, Where are the Americans, I am not talking about the PAC’s, Lobbies, and other special interests. I mean the people who work hard pay taxes and get treated as second class because they do not voice their opinion. It

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