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Attention: N.R.A. T- Shirts are Illegal to Wear in Public

Hello Americans, An American middle school student wore his NRA T-Shirt to school one day. His teacher disagreed with the fact it was his First Amendment right to wear his shirt. The clothing was not against the school’s dress code or

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Augusta lets Women Join, Oops They are Racists

Hello Americans:           Augusta National Golf Club let Ms. Rice become a member, I find this a good thing. The southern gentlemen are progressing allowing female members.  This wrong according to liberals for various reasons, mainly

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Where Have All The Americans Gone?

Hello, Where are the Americans, I am not talking about the PAC’s, Lobbies, and other special interests. I mean the people who work hard pay taxes and get treated as second class because they do not voice their opinion. It

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Obama’s healthcare plan good for us or not what is your thoughts

Hello The new health care plan enacted by congress and President Obama is a conflicting topic . Personally I do not care for it since they are robbing Medicare and cutting military healthcare to fund this program. Whatever happened to

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