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Attention: N.R.A. T- Shirts are Illegal to Wear in Public

Hello Americans, An American middle school student wore his NRA T-Shirt to school one day. His teacher disagreed with the fact it was his First Amendment¬†right to wear his shirt. The clothing was not against the school’s dress code or

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Think about This America

Our Almighty great leader, no not God for you that live outside of OBAMA land, Barrack Hussien Obama has signed all power over to himself in the event of war or emergency. Does this North Korea show make for him a

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The Two Party System of Racism

Hello Americans: It is Sunday and time for a new blog, this one will stoke some flames for sure. Why are the Democrats rattling sabers about racism, the Republicans also but to a lesser degree. Might it have something to

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Pork Spending Hog Calling Anyone?

Hello Americans are facing cuts in health care and education. The military will be eating cat or dog food soon under the current congress and president. However we have money to study why lesbians are fatter than Homosexual men. I

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